Pre-Road trip guide & essentials: How to get ready for your fun road trip 🚗

Sometimes, it’s about the journey and not just the destinations. 🛣️ This is probably why going on a road trip is such a popular summertime activity. If your holidays are going to include a lot of time behind the wheel, here’s how to make sure that everyone has a good time. 🚗✨

Get your caffeine fix ☕

The earlier you leave, the sooner you’ll get to your holiday spot. This means you might still be waking up when the wheels need to start turning, so grab a pick-me-up at FreshStop. Seattle Coffee Company and House of Coffees will have you feeling wide awake in no time (add a treat from Doughnut Delite and consider breakfast – sorted!). 🍩🌞

Prepare for a snack attack 🍿

When you’re traveling long-distance, boredom can make everyone feel peckish. Make sure you are prepared by stocking up at FreshStop. A packet of chips to share and some soda always goes down a treat. If you want something healthier, grab some nuts or fresh fruit and water so that everyone is satiated and hydrated. 💦

Stop for a lunch break 🍔

It’s crucial that the driver takes regular breaks to prevent them from becoming drowsy. 💤 So why not take the opportunity to get a hearty lunch? FreshStop has plenty of mouth-watering options, ranging from Crispy Chicken, to Hooked On Fish & Chips, Grill To Go Burgers, and the Hot Dog Bar. A warm pie is also a great option. 🥧🍟

Have a post-lunch pick-me-up 🚀

As the Afrikaans saying goes, magies vol, ogies toe! Many of us feel sleepy after eating a big midday meal, so before you leave to carry on with your road trip, grab a Monster, Play Switch, or Red Bull energy drink. Ask in-store which ones are on special so you can get two for the price of one.

Get your last-minute supplies 🛒

Staying at self-catering accommodation or a campsite and forgetting some important supplies? Browse the aisles of FreshStop, where you can find edible items including margarine, fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, milk, bread, biscuits, biltong, fruit juice, and much more to keep you going throughout your trip. 🥪🌭

Drive safe!