Every November, World Vegan Month is celebrated around the world as a time to shine a light on the vegan movement. This month promotes veganism by raising awareness of the advantages of living a vegan lifestyle.


Veganism is still something that is met with mixed feelings. You have your vegans, your supporters of veganism (who couldn’t be vegans themselves as they love dairy or meat too much), and lastly, your uncle that thinks vegans only eat lettuce 3 times a day.

But veganism is so much more than just not eating certain food sorts; below, we will debunk the myths of veganism.

  1. Vegans only eat lettuce

Wrong. Veganism is the practice of avoiding using animal products, especially in your diet, and an ideology that supports this practice that rejects treating animals as a commodity. A vegan is someone who adheres to the ideology or diet.
FreshStop stocks a host of tasty snacks, from energy bars to trail mixes to dark chocolate (double-check for milk products) to crackers to tortilla chips and dips to frozen meals.

  1. I can’t be a vegan as I love dairy, meat, or…

Wrong. Yes, veganism calls for the rejection of all animal-based products; however, nowadays, there are thousands of delicious vegan recipes or altered versions of meat and dairy dishes available. Quite often, non-vegans don’t even notice the difference in taste if it is not pointed out to them.
Why not try out a milk alternative next time you order your coffee from Seattle Coffee? Or try your hand at making your own vegan parmesan.

  1. Vegans are hippies

Wrong. Vegans are individuals that have chosen a lifestyle that excludes animal-based products. That does not mean that they are hippies.

  1. Vegans are unhealthy

Wrong. This is an age-old argument: Man must eat meat. Meat is good. Meat makes us strong. Due to the continuous evolution of veganism, there are so many healthy and nutritious options available that it is close to impossible not to meet your based nutritional needs.


FreshStop has compiled a tasty snack list for you of items that you probably didn’t even know were vegan. That’s right, some of your favourite snacks are vegan! But before you hop off and stock your trolley choc-a-block with vegan snacks, always be sure to double-check labels.

FreshStop’s Top 10 Vegan Snacks


Despite popular comments, this hearty bad boy is vegan.  Packed with nutrients, a fantastic gravy ingredient if you are looking for a beefy taste, and is delicious on crackers which brings us to our next item…


A perfect little snack on the go. Or you could create a lovely charcuterie platter with some cheeses, vegan cheeses, of course!


Rip open the bag and dive into the rainbow with no worries about any animal by-products.

Potato Chips

Now, this is a cheat! Nearly all meat-flavoured potato chips are vegan! Mind blown. But stay away from cheese flavours.


You could buy the mielies and pop your own, or opt for some Jumping Jack, but remember the same rule applies – no cheese.


“First you twist them, then you lick them, then you dunk them, then you eat them.” Who remembers this ad? I sure do. Try dunking in almond milk – you won’t be disappointed.

Seattle Coffee Company

What is life without coffee? Nay, what is life without Seattle Coffee Company’s aromatic blends and milk alternatives?

Dark Chocolate

Nearly all brands of Dark chocolate are vegan. Even the cheap ones. Seems too good to be true. Hmm, dark choccie paired with a nice coffee or a good wine… veganism sounds great if you ask me.

Granola and Cereal Bars

On the run? Grab a cereal bar to stifle your growling tummy. Opt for the dipped-in dark chocolate options for added indulgence but skip the honey.


Cereals, in many forms, are vegan (depending on how you prepare them). Moreover, they are wholesome – for example, oats.


Vegan already? FreshStop and Food Lover’s Market have all your essentials.

Not a vegan – try going vegan for a day. You might enjoy it, perhaps even make a habit of it.

Looking for some inspiration? Try out these recipes:

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