There are so many energy drinks on the FreshStop shelves, but which energy drink is best? If you are an energy drink lover, you probably have a go-to, but we all have different lifestyles, eating preferences and aspirations. Let’s say a deep dive into which one suits YOU the most.

Red Bull

Red Bull is not just an energy drink, but a lifestyle. Red Bull is famous for its extreme action sports and sponsorships. This includes local talents, such as South African surfer Jordy Smith and cricketer Kagiso Radaba.

But is it the best energy drink for me?
If you like the option of going sugar-free or caffeine-free while still getting your energy fix, the option of 6 delicious flavours, or the classic Red Bull, then yes Red Bull is for you. Red Bull provides you with that punch of energy by mixing taurine, B vitamins, and caffeine in safe amounts. Moreover, it comes in a variety of sizes and is halal.

Monster Energy

This brand is everywhere – action sports, motorsports, gaming, and music. The brand is synonymous with fun and games. Monster’s drinks come in a variety of flavours and there are sugar-free and caffeine-free options. And get this…the CFO and CEO of Monster are South African!

But is it the best energy drink for me? If you like brands that are linked to top sportsmen like Lewis Hamilton and top football teams like Tottenham Hotspurs, then yes. If you like a variety of flavours and choices, then that’s another yes! Monster is big on flavours. Like the other top-sellers Monster is comprised of a mixture of guarana, taurine, caffeine, B vitamins, and ginseng.

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Power Horse

Originating from Austria, the brand represents power and stamina. The official energy drink choice of Manchester City. Aimed at the young and hip, Power Horse is making its mark globally.

Best for me?
Are you a mover and a shaker? Do you want an energy drink that is 100% vegan, halal, and alcohol-free? Like our other choices, Power Horse offers a variety of flavours, and sugar-free options, but it has something the others don’t and that is a Malt option, say what? Malt is an essential source of amino acids which help our bodies enhance our proteins. Power Horse also adds no artificial sweeteners to its drinks. Just caffeine and taurine for that energy push.


Reboost energy drinks are local, which means they have to be lekker. Reboost was created with South Africans in mind. While it is one of the newer energy drinks on the list, this new kid on the block packs a punch! Upsides to Reboost: you are supporting the local market and its halaal.

Best for me?
Reboost comes in a great variety of fun fruity flavours as well as sugar-free options. One of Reboost’s top-selling points is its high caffeine content and its giant can size, 500mls. Reboost gets you going with a mixture of guarana, taurine, B vitamins and caffeine. When compared to Red Bull, Reboost is a cheaper option and offers a higher caffeine content. A perfect option for those days when you need to take on the world.


#BokFuel! Switch is the Springboks’ choice of energy drink. It is locally produced and comes in a sugar-free variant, a wide variety of fantastic-insane flavours, including an immune-boosting option.

But is it the best energy drink for me?
If your blood is green and gold, then this is the ONLY option for you! Like Reboost, Switch is halal and local so you would be supporting a South African enterprise. This 500ml energy drink is comprised of taurine, B vitamins, sugar, and caffeine – the same amount that you would find in one cup of coffee.

Turbovite Energy Drink  

Turbovite Energy Drink is water! H2O! A great choice if you are not a fan of your traditional energy drinks. Turbovite Energy Drinks gives you that spring in your step with green coffee bean extracts and keeps you hydrated at the same time.

Best for me?
If you want a guilt-free energy boost then Turbovite Energy Drink is great for you! Available in 3 flavours, Litchi, Lemon Lime, and Naartjie. Calorie-free, sugar-free, guilt-free, and made from natural spring water makes Turbovite Energy Water a super choice. It comes in a bottle so you can sip it throughout the day and control your energy intake.

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Go&Fun is made from natural ingredients and gives you a healthy alternative to your traditional energy drinks. Using plant extracts, Go&Fun reduces mental and physical fatigue.

But is it the best energy drink for me?
If you are looking for a healthier alternative that doesn’t give you that “crash” afterwards, Go&Fun is for you. Their drink only contains natural forms of caffeine found in guarana, ginseng, maté, Rhodiola, and green tea. As it is preservative-free it is a fantastic energy source. It comes in a bottle and or a can. Like Turbovite Energy Drink, you are able to control your energy intake throughout the day.

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