We have been alerted to a phishing scam targeting consumers via a message being shared on WhatsApp. The message falsely alerts people of winning our “Summer Yama Millions” campaign and requests to provide their credit card numbers & banking details to receive a prize. Please note this competition officially ended on 19th December 2022. This is a scam and we implore our consumers not to click on this link or share it under any circumstances.

The company currently does not share any links or ask customers for banking details, the link is completely fraudulent and did NOT originate from FreshStop or any of its partners.

The scam itself is shared on WhatsApp as a link. Once clicked, it asks the reader to provide bank details to “claim their prize”. As the platform is WhatsApp, it’s very hard to trace the origins of the scam in order to block it. FreshStop will not hesitate to bring criminal charges, should we be able to trace the origin of the scam.

Furthermore, we have alerted our consumers to the scam, as well as alerting our internal teams.

How do you know it’s a phishing scam?

  • Competitions will only be advertised on the FreshStop official website or FreshStop social media platforms and never as a link shared on WhatsApp or any other website.
  • There will always be terms and conditions attached, available for you to access on the FreshStop website.
  • If you receive a link via a messaging platform, claiming to be from FreshStop, do not click on it – rather contact our Customer Care to confirm the legitimacy of the competition.
  • FreshStop will never ask you for payment of any kind in order to access a prize.
  • FreshStop will never ask you for bank details either.
  • Beware of any advertisements or offers using webmail email addresses such as @gmail

Please contact FreshStop Customer Care if you are unsure of any link received on Whatsapp: freshstopcare@fvc.co.za or 086 000 7728.