Is it that time of the year already? No, not holiday time… allergy season! The warm weather is back and it is the inspiration to pack your bag and let the road take you. But, wherever you go, your allergies will follow! So a spontaneous trip might need just a little more planning.

The specific allergies we are talking about that is prevalent this time of year and may well affect your travel is grass pollen allergies such as allergic rhinitis or hay fever, asthma and eczema.  Hayfever includes sneezing, congestion, wheezing and itchy eyes and can really put a dampener on what is supposed to be a fun day out with friends and family. It is said that over 20% of South African suffer from these type of allergies.

Knowing what you are allergic too or what triggers your hay fever will help you any everyone around you enjoy your vacation even more. That is why we’ve compiled a quick list of tips, so that you can be ever-ready for a day out or a mini-adventure at any time.

A few things to keep in mind when traveling:

  1. Car travel is the best way to travel as you have the most control over your environment.
  2. Make sure your car is serviced before the holidays, including cleaning out the aircon and the filters.
  3. Keep the windows of the car closed, and use the aircon.
  4. Select for the air inside the car to circulate, rather than the air coming in from form the outside.
  5. Avoid direct exposure to flowering trees or flowers, so possibly postpone an outdoors holiday to a little later in the year.
  6. Remember to pack any chronic medication and antihistamines.
  7. Keep a spare pack of antihistamines in the car.