Often being pushed to the side of the plate, beautiful Betty broccoli should be included in your daily diet and is still one of the healthiest veggies. Not only does it have little calories and a whole lot of nutrients, broccoli is also very versatile and can be used for really delicious dishes.

-High in Vitamin C and antioxidants. Did you know that broccoli provides 81 milligrammes in just one cup? That is more than what you need in an entire day. Vitamin C plays a vital role in the formation of collagen, the main support system of the skin.

-Vitamin A and vitamin E are also crucial for healthy looking skin

-Anti-inflammatory benefits from Vitamin B.

-High in Vitamin K which improves bone health by improving calcium absorption

-Improve digestions and natural detoxification due to its high fibre content.


Interesting Ways to Enjoy Broccoli:

Prepare your Broccoli by rinsing it under some cold water to make sure it is clean. The best way to get the full nutrients from broccoli is to steam it until it is just cooked or eat it raw.

-Raw florets with some Hummus

-Raw, in your salad with chickpeas, bacon and Feta Cheese

-Roasted Broccoli and Chickpea Burgers! – Yes, hide broccoli in your veggie burger patty 😉

-Stir-Fry your broccoli with other veggies and a protein of choice. Stir it up with some soy sauce, or add some coconut milk afterwards to ensure a delicious flavour.

-Toss Pasta with olive oil, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds and broccoli or

-Make a Broccoli Pasta Sauce!

-Green Broccoli and Basil Dip – Puree the Broccoli to make a fresh green broccoli dip! (As a pesto – Olive Oil, Pinenuts, Garlic and Parmesan, or as a dip – Blended with cottage/cream cheese)

-Add some Broccoli florets to your Omelette

-Broccoli Bake topped with cheese – always a favourite with the kids.

-Broccoli Soup – with Blue Cheese or Regular Cheddar Cheese (for the kids)

-Chicken, Broccoli and Leek Bake (with cream)

-Chop it up and add it to your slaw

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