Forget Ouma’s Scotch-eggs and soggy tuna sarmies. FreshStop has everything that you need to transform your traditional padkos recipes into something healthy, affordable, and more importantly… tasty! Whether you choose to park off on the side of the road for a picnic or want to munch away while driving, let us help you make this road trip unforgettable.

Easy padkos ideas for your roadtrip

The Classic 1: Chips and a fizzy drink

Tried, tested, timeless! Who doesn’t love this padkos classic? Team your packet of chips with a fizzy drink for the ultimate classic treat.

The Classic 2: A sarmie

Let’s be honest, nobody gets excited about simple sandwiches anymore. But how about a chicken strip wrap? Now we are talking!

The Health Conscious: Biltong and sparkling water

We get it, December is a month of bad food choices. Don’t worry! We have you covered. Try snacking on some biltong or droëwors while sipping some ice-cold sparkling, or still water.

The Breakfast Run: Muffins, cereal bars, and cocktail croissants

A lot of us hit the open road before sunrise, maybe to beat the traffic or to get the most from our leave day. Whatever the reason it might be hard to stomach heavy foods at this hour. That’s where a breakfast-themed padkos basket comes in. Start your day off with a muffin, or cereal bar, or perhaps a cocktail croissant with a strong cup of coffee or juice.

The Focused Driver: Chocolate and a sports drink

Driving requires focus, a lot of it. Driving is hard, especially if you are driving alone. Nobody to hand you your nibbles or chat to you. So why not add a little bit of energy to your system with a choccie and a sports drink?

 The Super Focused Driver: Droëwors and an Energy drink   

Need even more focus? Grab an energy drink. Grab some droëwors. Pump up the music and let’s go!

The Vegan: Trail Mixes

“Oh, you are a vegan… we have fresh fruit.” Almost every vegan has heard this phrase before. Okay, while we do have a fantastic fresh fruit selection, we also have more. Why not make your own trail mix with our variety of nuts, dried fruits, and corn nibs? Then team it with a coffee, Seattle Coffee Company has some excellent milk substitutes.

The Pastry Lover

Pies. Sausage rolls. Cheese grillers. Not only are they easy to eat, but they also hit the spot! Many padkos enthusiasts detour off their planned route in seek of the perfect pie. With a wide variety of crisp and freshly baked pies look no further. Accompanied by a Coke, delicious. Try our pies from Pieman’s pies.

If you are stopping, let us set your (picnic) table for you. Imagine your family’s delight when you whip out mini milk tarts, assorted juicy doughnuts, tasty muffins and, after all it is the festive season, some fruit mince pies. Oh, don’t forget the coffee, a hot cup of House of Coffee’s finest. Mmm.

Even better, if you are stopping at FreshStop to stretch your legs and fill up, why not pop into our shop, and check out our vast variety of takeaway options: Grill To Go, Crispy Chicken & Seattle Coffee Co. From coffee to hamburgers to fried chicken. Nobody will go hungry on this road trip.

With all these options, pack your bags and let’s hit the road!

Written for FreshStop By Nicole Giani.