5 convenience store food trends for 2022

It’s the end of another long pandemic year. Somehow, we all got through 2021! We’ve done research to see what food trends could gain traction in 2022. You would be surprised at our discovery! 1. [...]

Pastrami and Egg Cups 

Pastrami and Egg Cups Recipe The ultimate deli-inspired breakfast that’s quick, easy, and delicious, of course!  Also, school is back in full swing! Treat your kids to this easy-to-make [...]


If you already didn’t know; healthy snacking is in! Getting “a quick snack” from your local convenience store no longer has to be a difficult decision. At FreshStop, we make it easy to [...]

The Benefits of Manny Mushroom

The life of the party, the fun-guy…yes, Manny Mushroom is a fungus. You know this, and it should not put you off eating him because, firstly, mushrooms are delicious and flavoursome, and [...]