Red Bull Slushie recipe

Are you ready to be energized and recharged with this super delicious Red Bull Slushie Recipe? You’ve come across your new favorite to-go FreshStop beverage… this delicious Red Bull slushie [...]

The Best Poolside Summer Snacks

Oh December, we’ve missed you. It’s the time for family, laughter, braais, and hours in the pool that leaves you happy but hungry! Luckily, we’ve got a list of the best poolside summer snacks [...]

Banana Santa Snack

Banana Santa Snack   Prep time: 20 minutes Cooking time: None Total time: 20 minutes   Makes 6 banana Santa snacks  Ingredients  6 skewers 3 bananas, peeled and cut in half 6 strawberries, stem [...]


Deliciously smooth & creamy cheesecake pops are the perfect dessert for a Summer’s day, and another way to add fruit into your kids’ diet. Prep: 5 mins | Cook: 6 hrs | Yields: 6 [...]

The Benefits of Betty Broccoli

Often being pushed to the side of the plate, beautiful Betty broccoli should be included in your daily diet and is still one of the healthiest veggies. Not only does it have little calories and a [...]