A holiday with friends is always difficult when you have to split the petrol, the padkos, and the pitstop coffee breaks! OR Are you the pop-to-the-shop guy? The morning coffee guy? Everyone can’t wait for noon to hit, and everyone in the office put their orders in and off you go to get everyone lunch. What a hero! 

Sometimes, someone is a little short maybe doesn’t have the right change? Not to worry. You’re a nice guy, you’re THAT guy!

Maybe you and your colleagues take turns? Different person’s chance to get the Seattle Coffee and croissants each week?

But Sho! Life is getting expensive in 2018. We’ve got a solution. You and your team can keep getting those tasty sarmies, Steri Stumpies, fresh fruits, and must-have morning coffees, without starting a passive aggressive office fridge war or making the car trip super awkward!


It’s a must-have app. Splitwise takes the trouble out of sharing expenses – with friends, with colleagues, with anyone. So instead of little payment every day, Splitwise will do the maths and you can pay in one big amount, instead of a bunch of small ones.

Your love might not cost a thing, but those double short lattes sure do!

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