1. Plan your trip and your stops, but don’t make it too rigid. Leave some time for adventures along the way.  You know where the FreshStop stores are, so ensure you plan when to fill up at Caltex, fill up your bellies and perhaps redeem some Standard Bank #Ucount points?!
  2. When planning, don’t drive for more than 8 hours a day…rather relax, play it safe and enjoy some activities and small towns along the way. That’s what road trips are all about after all
  3. Gather some music together. Depending on how long your trip it, compile a playlist of everyone’s favourite songs. You need a mixture for the boys, girls, kids, parents and that friend who loooove the Spice Girls 😉
  4. Bring a real map and sharpie so you can jot down some notes, funny stories and perhaps some comments. You could create a “fines” list of all the silly things that people do along the way.
  5. Practice making new friends. So you take a stop in a small, weird town and there’s a bunch of interesting locals…don’t be scared to chat. Or you sit down at a pitstop and enjoy some lunch…meet some other people who are most likely also taking a fun road trip and share some stories.
  6. Remember money for tolls!
  7. Announce your whereabouts. Tell a friend or family member where you are, if you’re safe and let people know about this magical journey
  8. Makeup at least 1 road game! It might be one for the books 😉
  9. Ask a local where to eat. (If you haven’t eaten too many snacks from FreshStop)
  10. Limit phone calls to the outside World. (We said you should let people know where you are, but limit your cell phone time to minimal and appreciate the scenery.) You also really get to know your fellow travellers in the car.
  11. Follow some weird, interesting billboards. EG: Cheese farm this way. Or local honey found here. You might find some hidden gems
  12. Embrace the petrol station…a Caltex and FreshStop of course 😉 Some might be more gourmet than others, but that’s all about the experience. There is every kind of pitstop for every kind of town.
  13. Take Pictures…and take pictures with the #FSGoodnessGang, you healthy travel companions! If you don’t have a member yet, then use the Zappar app and scan the barcodes for some funny, light-hearted fun
  14. Meditate. For those who start getting bored on a long trip, take some time to meditate. (You can pretend you sleeping even). Whether you’ve meditated before or not, this is a great time to do so. It can give you peace of mind, relaxation and help when it’s your turn to drive. It is extremely helpful in traffic too, to keep calm. You can share it with your car or not. Perhaps you’d like to think about some goals and dreams and chat about it to your fellow roadies so you can all get to know each other on a deeper level.

Before you leave:

  1. Check your tyres and sure they are safe to go! Ensure the spare is in your car.
  2. Make sure you have enough petrol before your first road trip. Caltex best petrol ever is what we can recommend. Enjoy 5 benefits in 1 fuel when you use any grade of Caltex with Techron® petrol. 
  3. Check your oil and water. Top up your oil with the revolutionary oil from Caltex for a longer lasting engine! 
  4. Pack of Wet Wipes and Tissues. Just in case.
  5. Small Colouring Kit for the kids
  6. Pack of cards
  7. Car chargers or power banks for your cell phones (Just so you can keep snapping those pics)
  8. Travel Mugs or flask to keep your coffee warm
  9. Remember a plastic packet for a rubbish bin so you don’t leave mess lying around the car

Happy and Safe Roadtrippin’! With Love from The FreshStop Goodness Gang, The FreshStop Team and Caltex South Africa.