When you’re not admiring the beautiful scenery, or having a little recharge nap to pass some time, why not play some games? This is especially great for the kids, to keep them from asking the good ol’ “Are we there yet”…and you’ve still got a good few hours to go!

  1. I Spy (with my little eye) – a classic road trip game loved by many
  2. Car Cricket – something fun for the teens
  3. License Plate Game – Get the kids to look out for as many different license plates as they can. Different being – license plates from different areas. The one with the most counts/number plate identifications after the trip or a period of time wins!
  4. Animal Game -Spot as many different animals as you can along the way. The one who spots the most first, wins!
  5. “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing…” -the first person to start finishes with something that begins with the letter A, the next with letter B and you make your way through the Alphabet. If someone can’t think or forgets an item, she is ‘out’. For younger players, give some hints and play fairly, so you’re educating them at the same time.
  6. 20 Questions – One person thinks of a place, person or thing. The others only have 20 Yes/No questions to ask and have to guess what the person is thinking. After each question, the player will get one guess. This will encourage kids to think about what they are asking and be strategic.
  7. Spot the Car – like the license plate game, you just identify different car makes and models.
  8. Questions, this is great for the older generations too. Players must take turns asking each other questions (You can make a rule for yes/no questions only) and if the player hesitates or laughs or actually answers the question loses.
  9. For a group of friends: “Never Ever Have I ever” is also a perfect car game and a great way to get to know your fellow friends.


  • Temper Tantrums…we don’t want those on our road trip, nor do we want sulky kids. Try to avoid it by not making the games too competitive. Keep it silly and casual. No prizes for the winner, if there is a winner!
  • When the game starts to drag on, call it quits and try something else or give it a break.
  • Tweak the rules when needed for the kids, just don’t tell them that you are bending the rules. Sometimes to keep the peace it is necessary.
  • Meditate with them. If they are bored, get them to close their eyes and imagine they are in a peaceful beautiful place etc. You can even bring along a meditation CD. They can share their ‘dream’ with you afterwards, or they might just fall asleep.