Are you ready to be energized and recharged with this super delicious Red Bull Slushie Recipe?

You’ve come across your new favorite to-go FreshStop beverage… this delicious Red Bull slushie recipe! It’s one part ice-cold deliciousness, one part Red Bull energy vibezzzz!! Two simple ingredients to give you the ultimate summer kick!


  • Two Red Bulls cans
  • 4-10 ice Cubes 


  1. Pour 1 can of Red Bull into a shallow freezer-friendly dish or ice cube tray and place in the freezer overnight. 
  1. Place another Red Bull can in the refrigerator to chill. 
  1. Once Red Bull in the dish or ice cube tray has frozen, scoop out and transfer to a blender. 
  1. Then pour in chilled Red Bull can from the refrigerator to blender + add 4 ice cubes. 
  1. Blend until well combined, and transfer to glass or mason jar. ENJOY! 


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