FreshStop Ohrtmann Road in PMB opens as FreshStop’s 352nd store

FreshStop Ohrtmann Road is located in Pietermaritzburg and is well-known to the locals as Caltex Monty’s Motors. It has over the past 38 years become a local landmark at 268 Ohrtmann Road in Willowton, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, but this family-owned and run business has undergone a complete transformation, with the new FreshStop store on-site officially opened on 3 February 2022.

Apart from unveiling the 24-hour convenience store, the Caltex Monty’s Motors fuel forecourt was also recently revamped, opening in December 2021, and now offers a seamless fuel up and fresh up experience.

Located in the bustling area of Willowton, FreshStop Ohrtmann Road has introduced two popular in-house fast food brands, Crispy Chicken and Grill to Go, as well as a range of fresh foods and quick snack takeaways such as freshly-baked muffins, pies, and sandwiches that complement the newly introduced Manhattan Coffee bar with full Barista service.

According to the Store Retailers, they are extremely excited about the opening and the wide selection of quality product offerings. “There isn’t anything in the area that offers the local corporates, residents, and business people the convenience offering that we do. Especially for the residents of Mountain Rise, this will be a convenient stop to pick up day-to-day essentials as well as grab a meal and a great cup of coffee,” says Ridwaan Jasat.

In addition to the Grab n Go and fast food offerings, FreshStop Ohrtmann Road offers fresh fruit and vegetables, a variety of grocery items, a secure in-store ATM as well as Standard Bank and Capitec (to follow soon) ATMs.

The Jasat family has owned and managed the site since 1983 and are very proud to continue the legacy their grandfather started. Brother and sisters, Ridwaan, Nadira, Shameela, and Farzana Jasat make a formidable team and are committed to making a success of this new venture. “We all grew up in the business and we’ve always been involved in helping out. Our parents have been our inspiration, and have both been involved specifically in initially setting up the site. Our father has been instrumental in the renovations of the site, as it stands today, completely revamped. Our mother ran the business for 30 years before we stepped in and we are very proud of what our family has achieved. Even at the age of 80, my Dad has still been instrumental in the renovation process. Despite the fact that we have our own full-time professions and businesses, we have committed ourselves to develop the business, with Farzana on-site and managing the day-to-day operations,” says Shameela.

The revamp of FreshStop Ohrtmann Road created an extra 19 jobs

Not only have several of the staff been with the business for more than 20 years but the revamp has created an additional 19 jobs for people from the local community. “The fundamental principles of dedication, loyalty, and respect are very important to us as a managing team and this applies to our customers and patrons as well,” explains Farzana.

Once the fuel forecourt opened at the end of December, customers began inquiring about the FreshStop. “We were definitely feeding off their excitement and couldn’t wait for them to experience the great product, food, and service offering we have available. Being a family business and being brought up with the knowledge and guidance imparted to us by our parents, we are delighted to welcome our regular and new customers and patrons to experience the start of our new journey with us. We have always been guided by our hardworking parents and the end result of our commitment is the latest edition, FreshStop Ohrtmann Road,” concludes Nadira.

We wish the Jasat family and their entire team all the best for the opening!

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