Packing snacks for the beach can be a bit tough. You have a bunch of varied factors to consider with beach foods like the heat, cooler space, whether you feel like packing utensils, messiness, and sand, which has the amazing ability to end up everywhere. 

 There are some great options when it comes to beach snacks at your local FreshStop. Keep these options in mind, whether you’re going for tasty snacks or a full-on meal. 


Fresh Cold grapes are an all-time favourite snack to bring to the beach. they stay cold for a long time and even when they defrost, and they’re delicious! grapes can even serve as ice if you have a small cooler box. Just toss a bag or two in the freezer in advance (1 or 2 days) and pull them out when you’re ready to hit the beach. 

Trail Mix: 

Nuts and dried fruit make for a yummy and filling beach snack combo, and they’re easy enough to stash and go at Food Lovers Market we have our very own delicious trail mix options. Consider taking a pass on bringing any chocolate—it’ll turn into a gooey mess before the end of the day.  


Having a good smoothie at the beach is always a great idea. You can pick up a variety of Smoothie flavours such as banana, strawberry, and blueberry at any FreshStop store.  

FreshStop Wrap: 

Sand has a fun way of getting in the nooks and crannies of bread. Wraps, on the other hand, have a protective outer layer to help keep sand out. You can also wrap them in foil that you peel off as you eat. 


Taking Yogurt to the beach can help provide a hearty snack with zero prep time. Stock up at your local freshStop ahead of time. Also, don’t forget to pack in a plastic spoon. 

 FreshStop Brownies:  

Have a sweet tooth? Brownies are one of the best at the beach. Since they’re baked through, they won’t melt like other chocolate treats, and they don’t need to stay in the cooler box if you’re short on space.