This recipe is not only easy and delicious but making it also acts as a fun-filled activity for the young ones. Disclaimer – it can get very sticky and messy but do not worry, there is nothing that soap and warm water cannot fix.


Prep time: 29 minutes 

Cooking time: 1 minute 

Total time: 30 minutes  


Makes about 12-14 treats 



15 white marshmallows 

15 pink marshmallows 

8 cups Rise Krispies 

80g white chocolate, melted and cooled 

Speckled eggs 



Place the white marshmallows into a bowl and microwave for 30 seconds. Place 4 cups of Rice Krispies into the melted marshmallows and mix well until combined. Repeat this process with the pink marshmallows. 


Tip – wait about 5 minutes after combining the marshmallows with the Rice Krispies before you dig in with your hands, this will make the mixture a bit less sticky and easier to work with. 


Form the Rice Krispies treats into the shape of Easter eggs, drizzle with white chocolate and place them on a bed of speckled eggs to make them stand up straight.