Why is FreshStop the best pit stop?

As a previous winner of the International Convenience Retailer of the Year, it isn’t surprising that you will find a FreshStop just about everywhere in South Africa, especially with what we have to offer. Our location in Caltex’s forecourts makes us the perfect pit stop to Fresh Up and Fill Up.

 Looking for a convenience store?

You may ask: why FreshStop? This is a fair enough question, especially since there are other options out there.

But do those options offer you a vast variety of freshly prepared foods and takeaways, both yummy and nutritious?

Do they offer you one of 3 amazing coffee brands with vegan substitutes?

Snacks? Cooldrinks? Biltong? What about healthy fresh fruit options? Braai wood?

General household groceries? The toothbrush you left behind when you started your road trip? Come to think of it, there isn’t much we don’t offer.

Do they have a rewards app for your purchases? Yip, FreshStop has a clever rewards app called FreshStop Rewards. Not only is the App super convenient, but it also allows you to spend your cash rewards anywhere! If you wanted to, you could even use these rewards towards another road trip, the sky is the limit.

To use the FreshStop Rewards app, simply download it from Google Play or the App Store, select what you would like to buy before you arrive at FreshStop, grab these items in-store, after paying scan your till slip, and watch your money grow! And you know what? Let’s say you aren’t keen on this App, that’s okay too! You can use your Ucount Rewards system if you are a Standard bank client.

 Looking for a service station?

By now both your tummy and your wallet are smiling, but what about filling up? Fill up with a brand that you can trust and that cleans your tank at the same time. Then get rewarded (again!) with Standard Bank’s Ucount Rewards system while being helped by a friendly Caltex attendant. Toilet break? No stress, the toilets at this pit stop are as clean as a whistle.

Well, look no further! Be smart, Fill Up and Fresh Up!


Written for FreshStop By Nicole Giani.