We are celebrating our long service awards!

At FreshStop, it is important to constantly and consciously appreciate the talent and dedication that our employees have shown in the years they have worked with us. This week, we had the honour to celebrate the employees that have been part of the FreshStop family for 5, 10 and even 15 years!*

* FreshStop Colleagues with 12 years or more would’ve joined the Food Lover’s Group and then moved over to work for FreshStop.

Roché Engelbrecht- 5 years

National Operations Manager

Nivern Chetty- 10 years

KZN Operations Manager

Thomas Stephanus- 15 years

Warehouse Manager

Bridgette Ramperthab- 10 years

Food Specialist

Rory Johnson- 5 years

National Food Trainer

Jacques Conradie- 10 years

National Administrative Manager

Sonja Torr- 10 years

Admin Assistant/Comms/Travel Co-ordinator

Na’imah Noordien- 10 years

Financial Controller

Viggie Moodley- 20 years

Regional Admin Manager

Trevor Michaux- 20 years

Business Consultant

Together, we take pride in your accomplishment and your commitment to excellence. Congratulations on your long service awards! 

We are so pleased to celebrate so many long service awards of our esteemed colleagues. We celebrate this every month, but this month there were many milestone years reached, we wanted to share some images of happy faces. We don’t often get the opportunity to publically share the long service awards and acknowledge the years of service they have devoted to the FreshStop institution. 

FreshStop earned its own long service award!

This shows a clear milestone at FreshStopTo have so many colleagues celebrating in the same month shows a clear growth in 2011 for FreshStop. While the brand is now officially 12 years old, (FreshStop turns 10 years old) we can see a big boost in 2011, when we took on more teams, as we grew in the firm belief that FreshStop was here to stay! 

Here is to many more years, with our loyal employees, thanks to those that have left us but left their legacy, and here’s to those future long-service stars that are yet to join our FreshStop family!

FreshStop Clairwood