Looking for some long weekends to take a holiday? We’ve summed up the public holidays for you, so pick some perfect leave days and take a road trip! Basically, you can have super long weekends in March, April, August, September, and December – for those lucky ones who don’t work on weekends. Some of us have to, but you can share your fun roadtrip with us! #FreshStop

Wed 21 March (Human Rights Day)

LONG EASTER WEEKEND! An adventure awaits 😉

Fri 30 March (Good Friday)

Mon 2 April (Family Day/Easter Monday)

Take Monday off and you get a super long weekend!

Fri 27 April (Freedom Day)

Tues 1 May (Workers’ Day)

Sat 16 June (Youth Day)

Take Friday 10 Aug off and take the ladies in your life for a beautiful long weekend away!
Thurs 9 Aug (National Women’s Day)

No Need to take leave here, you’ve got a long weekend already!
Mon 24 Sept (Heritage Day)

Yet another lovely long weekend!

Sun 16 Dec (Day of Reconciliation)
Mon 17 Dec (Day of Reconciliation Holiday)

Tues 25 Dec (Christmas Day)
Wed 26 Dec (Day of Goodwill)


What are you waiting for? Get planning and let’s hit the road!