To meet customer demand, FreshStop has been selling hand sanitisers and will be selling reusable face masks in all stores. The face masks are manufactured in line with government specifications and have been available in-store since early April. “We have made every effort to provide the

best products available at prices that have not been hiked to take advantage of customers”.

“The good news is that sales are doing well. Despite the fact that approximately 40% of our sales have been negated because they can no longer sell cigarettes, hot foods or Barista coffee, we are very proud that some of our retailers are experiencing a 20% increase in overall sales turnover. In contrast, those stores located within CBDs and industrial hubs have seen a major downswing but as an essential service we remain open to service the few customers who need us. We thank our retailers and staff, who despite the challenges, do their best every day to keep our customers comfortable and aware of staying safe and healthy.

A big thanks too to our government, suppliers and the industry who have been there throughout this crisis,” concludes Boyle.