The word picnic comes from the French pique-nique, a social event where each guest contributes to the share of the food. The word dates to the 18th century, and there’s a reason why picnics have been around for yonks.


There is nothing better than gathering our loved ones to spend the day outdoors chatting, eating, chatting, and eating some more. But if not planned properly, picnics can go wrong.

Here are FreshStop’s top 7 tips for you to have the best picnic.

  1. Pack Right: The Setup

Depending on your snacks, you will need to pack quite a few utensils for your picnic. When planning the event (yes, it is an event), think carefully about everything you may need to make your life easier. Make a list of what you may need at least 2 days before, so you have time to buy what you don’t have.
We suggest that your basic kit contains plates, cups, cutlery, a bread and cheese knife, a breadboard, a blanket, a wine opener, wet wipes or serviettes, a dishcloth, a plastic bag for dirt, salt, and pepper.

  1. Pack Right: The Food

What are you going to nibble on? Avoid messy and saucy foods; pack sandwiches, biltong, pies, chips, and fried chicken are just some examples of tasty “clean” foods. Avoid foods that can easily sour on hot days; there’s nothing worse than food poisoning. Pack enough drinks, and don’t forget the ice.

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  1. Check the Facilities

Do some research before your outing. Are there toilets? Is the area safe? Is there cellphone reception? Do you need to pay to enter – if so, do you need cash? Is there an opening and closing time you need to consider? Can you braai? Is there shade? Is there running water?

  1. Consider the Wildlife

Baboons, mosquitos, and horrible seagulls are just some of the wildlife you need to consider when planning your day.  Sometimes wildlife can put a damper on things.

  1. Get Comfy

If you plan to spend the day, pack cushions or camping chairs. Sitting on the hard ground for hours isn’t ideal. Ouch.

  1. Check the Weather

Check the weather. Check it the night before and on the day. A drenched picnic is not fun at all.

  1. Prepare for Boredom

Even the most scintillating conversation can run dry. Prepare for this. Pack playing cards or a board game (ideally one that won’t destroy friendships or families). Pack paddle bats or a rugby ball to toss around. If at a nature reserve, consider going for a hike.