FreshStop Holiday Essentials: Everything You Need Under One Roof

The holiday season is upon us. Things are a rush here and a rush there. We are feeling a mixture of excitement, glee, and…tiredness. Why can’t things just be easier, for example, getting all your holiday essentials under one roof?

Well, ho, ho, ho, look no further! FreshStop is waiting for you with specials and holiday vibes only.

Whether you are braaiing, hitting the beach, staying in with family, or you name it, you will want to check out our holiday essentials specials, and while you are at it, do yourself a favour and check out our Rewards App.

  1. Braai Time:

Is it actually a braai if you don’t have braaibroodtjies, chips, Coke, and Jimmy’s?

  • Pick up a loaf of Blue Ribbon Toaster White Bread for R17.99 for the ultimate crunchy braaibrootjie,
  • Grab 2 x Simba 120grams chips for R35 or 2 x Cheas Naks 135grams for R28,
  • We all love an ice-cold glass of Coke, whether neat or with a spot of brandy. Or Schweppes with some gin. Whichever you prefer, check out the 3 x litre for R45 special.

(Don’t forget to grab all your festive drinks from Market Liquors).

  • Get a lekker 375ml Jimmy’s Sauce and 4kgs of FreshStop briquettes for 100 bucks. Yum yum, those chicken wings just got tastier.


  1. Hitting the Beach:

Imagine you could grab a little combo for the beach. A combo of handheld items? Well, at FreshStop, you can.

Choose between a Liqui Fruit or Lipton Ice Tea and Doritos for 20 big ones. Or a tasty Rhodes muffin and Liqui Fruit for 20 smackeroos.

  1. Family Time:

Family time is quality time. If you are braaiing (see point 1), watching a movie together, playing board games, or just chatting, you will need some snacks.

FreshStop has gone crazy with our chocolate specials; get chocolate wasted off these specials:

  • 2 Beacan slabs for 25 bucks,
  • 2 Lunchbar MAXes for R27,
  • Any 2 Nestle choccies for R20,
  • 2 delicious Lindt Lindor Sticks for R30.

Don’t forget that these are just some of our many specials! Our in-store fast food options like Grill to Go and Crispy Chicken also have daily specials.

Stay up to date with our ongoing specials; click here.