Why you should use Google Maps

Google maps is just the best right? It takes us around, doesn’t say anything when we make a wrong turn and always knows exactly the very best way to go!

We recommend you not only use Google Maps on long road trips, or when you don’t know how to get to your destination but also on your everyday trips. Maybe you’ve taken the exact same route to work for the last 3 years, or just this week you were late after getting stuck in a huge traffic jam. You will never know if there is a better route to work, or could have possibly predicted that traffic jam, but Google Maps can! Avoiding traffic not only makes your day much better, but it eases traffic for everyone on the roads. Hey, you might even see a new sight or find a new favourite FreshStop for your morning routine! And with all that time you’re saving, you’ll have the time to stop, smell the coffee and enjoy it too.

Google Map Hacks:

Google maps is the best, right? We’ve already told you why we think Google Maps in the absolutely best and how it saves you so much time. Now we are going to tell you about some hacks, that are really going to make your daily commute, or road trip that much better!

So get out your phone, we’re going to take you on a trip, an exploration of all the cool things Google Maps can do. Did someone say Garmin…. pffft! Remember that you must not use your phone while driving, either stop to find your directions or do it before you turn your car on!

1. Hands-free.

While we might all be guilty of it, using your phone while driving is an absolute no-no! It can be very dangerous. But sometimes you just feel like to need to take a look! Maybe you feel you’ve taken a wrong turn, or your next turn is coming up soon.. Google got you:

If you have an android, it’s simple. While you are in navigation mode, simply say, “Okay, Google” or tap the microphone icon and then try one of these hands-free commands to get the answers to those burning questions:

“When is my next turn?”

“Find a petrol station”

“What is my ETA?”

“Show alternative routes”

“Is there traffic up ahead?”

Or even

“Find a Freshstop!”

“What road is this?”

“What’s my next turn?”

2. Save your parking

Ever been on a first date, and afterwards you can’t remember where you’ve parked your car? Maybe you’re been shopping all day, and you and your hundred of bags just want to go home, but click-click as you may, you just can’t hear the reliving sounds of your car clicking back. Brutal. Even worse, it’s a rental…

But don’t worry, you don’t ever have to suffer that again. Next time you park, open up Google Maps and tap the little blue dot that shows where you are. One of the options that will appear is; “Save your parking”. Not only will it lead you back to you car, but it can tell you how long you’ve been parked there so you can watch out for those crazy parking fines or fees.

3. Share your location – live

It’s Saturday night and you’re on the town, maybe it’s a street party, or maybe you’re meeting your family at the hip new food market. Wherever you are, one thing’s for sure, there’s no time to stand around waiting for people to find you – FOMO!

And there’s no need to either! Provided your phone’s charged, simply go to the same blue dot we mentioned earlier, but this time choose: Share my location. This will share your location to a selected party, for a selected time period so that they can find you, no matter where the vibe takes you.

Another great use for this is to make sure your loved ones get to their destination safely. You promised your mom you would let her know once you got to Plett, but as you got there the party was starting and, well…. Or you had to go to business in an area you are not 100% comfortable in, feel assured that someone knows where you are. Simply select “share trip progress” to let anyone in your family know when you’ve arrived safely.

4. What’s near me?

When you’re navigating or just browsing, you can easily find specific types of place near to you. Simply tap in the search bar and some of the following options will come up:

“Restaurants near me”

“Coffee near me”

“Find an ATM”

The options are nearly endless – try stump Google with your query!

5. Offline Maps

If one thing is for sure, data is expensive! If you’re one to try to jump from wifi to wifi, this hack is for you. You can save or “pre-download” an certain area onto your phone.

The map will be saved onto your device or memory card. It very easy to do, open maps, make sure you are connected to the internet and logged in. Type in an area e.g. Durban and look for the More Button (three dots icon) and select download offline map.

Now you just use maps as you usually would, but it will be using the downloaded maps instead of connecting to the web each time.

Even if you are not too concerned with your data usage, it is beneficial to download your hometime, as it will make your experience faster, and assist in areas where the signal is poor.

6. Never be late again

You can find out a drive is likely to take, which is great if you’re heading to a meeting or more importantly getting yourself to the airport.  Just search for where you want to go, (on a desktop) and go through the usual of adding your starting point and clicking directions. Then, look for the line that says, “Leave now”. Click the arrow next to that and select with “Depart by” or “Arrive by” this will make your planning so much easier and you can even set a reminder to remind you to get up and go.