Fuelling Innovation: FreshStop’s Eye-Opening Study Tour of Ireland’s Convenience Industry

The FreshStop team is fuelling innovation in South Africa’s C-store industry and embarked on an enlightening study tour across Ireland, visiting prominent fuel stations, convenience stores, suppliers, and manufacturers. This immersive experience provided them with invaluable firsthand knowledge of best practices and innovative ideas, while also fostering strong global connections within the industry.

One particularly notable visit took them to the headquarters of Deli Lites, a leading manufacturer of fresh gourmet sandwiches and food-to-go products in Europe. During this visit, the FreshStop team engaged in a fruitful knowledge-sharing session, exchanging insights and driving innovation. The warm reception included a delightful breakfast and delicious barista coffee, setting the tone for a productive day.

The team was given an in-depth overview of Deli Lites’ values and mission statement, followed by a comprehensive tour of their facilities, covering everything from buying and production to storage, logistics, and distribution. The tour sparked numerous discussions and insightful questions, enabling the FreshStop team to gain a deeper understanding of the complete process.

To top it off, Deli Lites’ master chef, Gary Mc Dowell, presented his new and innovative products, which were followed by a delectable tasting session and further engaging discussions.

Additionally, the FreshStop team had the opportunity to explore Deli Lites’ chain of cafes, gaining a comprehensive overview of the industry in Ireland. They were provided with a list of brands supplied by Deli Lites and competitors, which allowed them to assess store image, presentation, and customer service on a firsthand basis.

The Study Tour, in combination with their participation in the NACS European conference, played a pivotal role in keeping the FreshStop team at the forefront of the convenience industry. Armed with valuable insights and ideas, they are now better equipped to enhance the FreshStop experience for their customers.

Before departing, the FreshStop team expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Brian, Jackie, Bronagh, and the entire Deli Lites team for their warm hospitality, generous assistance dedication to educating them and being part of our fuelling innovation journey. This visit also paved the way for newfound friendships, and they hope to one day return the favour by hosting Deli Lites in South Africa.

Overall, the study tour and additional ventures in Ireland were a resounding success, leaving the FreshStop team inspired and well-prepared to continue their pursuit of excellence in the convenience industry.