Summer is here; so let’s hit the beach!

If you live close to the beach, you know the drill – a long day of sun and sea which needs nourishment.

It’s hard work enjoying the beach, you know, so we have compiled a list of our top 7 beach snacks. And if you don’t live near the beach, no problem. These snacks are perfect for any gathering.

Heads up: please don’t forget to pack a plastic bag for an easy beach clean-up after your day in the sun. Don’t leave anything behind but your footprints in the sand.


FreshStop’s Top 7 Beach Snacks

  1. Fresh Fruit

Fruit is perfect for the beach. No packaging is needed, most summer fruits have a high-water content, so great for staying hydrated in the summer sun and fruit’s tasty. Don’t forget to add some yummy fruit to your beach cooler box.

  1. Chips

Are you even going to the beach if you don’t have a giant packet of chips? You can keep it old school and grab a childhood favourite like Flings or Niknaks or opt for something “exotic” like tortilla chips Feeling fancy? FreshStop has a super variety of tasty dips.  

  1. Cool Drinks

You cannot enjoy a day at the beach without some kind of refreshment. Make your life easy and grab a 500ml cool drink or water for each beachgoer. Or grab your favourite 2-litre soft drink for the family to share. Remember to pack cups if you opt for a 2-litre option.

  1. Biltong or Nuts or Both

Long beach days call for proteins. Biltong and nuts are super proteins and perfect for beach snacking.

  1. Hotdogs

Hot dogs are ready in minutes and are always a popular snack. Don’t forget to pack a knife to cut open the rolls.

Top Tip: Next time your favourite takeaway joint gives you excess tomato sauce sachets, don’t throw them away – store them in the fridge for moments like this.

  1. Sandwiches

FreshStop has an incredible array of readymade sarmies to please everyone’s tastes.

  1. Pastries

FreshStop’s in-store bakery always offers freshly baked goodies like pies, sausage rolls or cheese grillers. Eaten cold or warm, they hit the spot after a long swim.

P.S. Keep your eyes out for our FreshStop specials, there is nearly always a super special for you to enjoy.