Lightning was cracking, thunder was booming, and rain was pounding against the windows. The scene was ominous. Stuck at home, the kids started growing restless, testing the limits. One thing and one thing only could be done…. MOVIE NIGHT!

Quickly Mom rushed to the Mom-Mobile and vroom she was off. Screeching to a halt, she arrived at FreshStop. Faster than the speed of light, Mom zipped and zapped between the aisles, looking for the family’s movie night favourites; chips, ice-creams, chocolates, ice-creams, cooldrinks, and biltong – for Mom.

Using her x-ray vision, Mom was able to locate the favourites and save some cash at the same time! Whizzing home, Mom arrived just in the nick of time to restore peace in the homestead.

The kids settled on their Christmas bed in front of the TV, and using her super-human strength; Mom hauled the feast to the kids. And my oh my, was it a feast!

Be like Mom and have the ultimate movie night with FreshStop and DC League of Super Pets this May.

Try Out Our Top 5 Movie Night Snacks

1. Chips

2. Ice-Creams

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… an Ola cup and a Cornetto Classic for R38!

3. Chocolates

What is a movie night without choccies? Cadbury chocolates, 2 for R19! Or how about a giant Nestle bar and a Coke for R29. Speaking of Coke…

4. Cooldrinks

What is better than an ice-cold Coke with lots of ice when watching a movie? Nope, not much! Pick up a 2-litre Coke and a Fanta for R35.

5. A Bucket of Chicken

Movie snacks don’t need to be just snacks. Grab a bucket of chicken from Crispy Chicken. Fresh and crunchy. Enjoy a movie night snack and dinner at the same time. 2 birds or chickens with one stone.

Check out this month’s specials for further deals and be sure to try your luck in our DC League of Super Pets competitions.

Not all Super Heroes wear capes; save the night with FreshStop.


Note: Price all correct at the time of publishing.