On 22 September 2022, FreshStop South End in Namibia opened its doors! The store wasn’t operational for close to 10 years and it had a knock-and-rebuild. This marks our second FreshStop to open in Namibia.

The retailer Hlamalani Shimange (principal dealer) is highly involved in the day-to-day operations of the business. The staff is a mixture of new and experienced personnel, some with a background in retail and the fuel industries. Most of the employees are from the local and surrounding areas of Thokoza. The store is planning to be more involved in the community and school programmes within the neighbouring areas.

There was a ribbon cutting on the day with guests from FreshStop, Astron, numerous suppliers and local leaders. There were fabulous freebies handed out and enjoyed by customers.

You can follow the store on Facebook:  FreshStop South End