If you want to know which App give the best cashback, Freshstop Rewards is it!

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Have you downloaded FreshStop Rewards – the ONLY app that gives you cashback? That’s cash, monies, dinero, chankura, moolah into your bank account – not points or vouchers.

FreshStop Rewards App earns cashback for our customers when they at our FreshStop stores, anywhere in South Africa. Unlike other brand loyalty apps, the new FreshStop Rewards App means customers get cashback into their bank accounts when they purchase items at a FreshStop store; and it’s so easy to use.

Look out for great savings highlighted in-store, or even browse the app to home to find the best deals. You can even find deals where your product could be completely FREE, or extra savings on products already on special – leaving you to think, what’s the catch?! Quickly watch the rewards climb inside your app wallet.

How to use the FreshStop Rewards App:

Once you have downloaded the app, available from the Google Play Store, open the app and search through the deals to find the items that you want to buy. Then reserve them on the app. Head to your nearest FreshStop at Caltex and buy the items to qualify for the cash rewards. Scan you till slip and you will get cashback into your wallet.

How to use FreshStop Rewards Step-by-Step:

  1. Download the FreshStop Rewards App from Google Play or Apple iStore.
  2. Book the deals you want to claim.
  3. Head on over to FreshStop
  4. Once there, check your booked deals on Your Basket page
  5. Purchase your shopping items then capture your till slip via the App using your phone’s camera and click submit.
  6. The cash rewards you earn will be reflected in your Rewards Wallet (up to 24hrs later)
  7. You can request your cashback via the App and it will be paid directly into your bank account.

You can request the cashback be sent to your bank account, at any time. You can even use the app to find your nearest FreshStop store, along with driving directions.