The FreshStop Rewards App is getting an upgrade.

Here’s what you need to know:

You can expect some improvements in functionality, but overall it is still the same FreshStop Rewards App you know and love! Our loyalty team has worked diligently to provide you with a safer, more sustainable app environment, so we can keep giving you, our customer the same great cashback rewards!

On 1 December, the app in its current application will no longer work and users will have to update to the new version. Until this time, the cash-out function will be suspended. Users of the new app will automatically be logged out if they are set to “always logged in”.  Users will have to sign up again with a valid email address and phone number. Once both those details have been confirmed, your profile will be updated with your new details, and the profile will be made active again.

Important dates around the FreshStop App Update

18-25 November: The paying out of rewards will be temporarily suspended until the upgrade is launched.

26-27 November: The FreshStop Rewards App servers WILL BE DOWN, as the developers work on the transition over to the new, improved app version.

28 November: Upgrade your Rewards App and you’re ready to go!

30 November: If you have not updated your Rewards App, the version you have will cease to work on 30 November.

So what now?

Simply update the app when prompted and re-register using the same email address or phone number from your existing account. You will need to fill in your name, email address, password, city, and a valid phone number to proceed. You will receive a code to authenticate your registration. Once you add the code, you will be logged in.


FAQs about the FreshStop Rewards App

  1. Will the old app still work?

No, you will need to upgrade the app, and register with the same phone number or email address to continue to use the app.

  1. Why has the cashout function been suspended? 

    To be 100% certain that no cash-back rewards get lost over this transition period, we have decided to suspend it. Your rewards will be safely stowed until 28 November.

  2. Why do I need to re-login/ register again?

    FreshStop has worked to provide a safer, more sustainable app environment for our customers. Part of that is the need to implement Two Factor Authentication.

  3. Where will my cash rewards go?

    Provided you used the same identifier (email or phone number), and you were able to authenticate and sign up, your Rewards should reflect instantly. If you have any issues, please mail us at

  4. What has been upgraded?

    You will see some improvements in your experience with the app, but mostly rest assured that the basic functionality and the great cash-back rewards will remain the same. The changes will allow FreshStop to continue to provide you with great discounts. There is a new chat functionality that links users with a support team.

  5. What is Two-factor authentication?

    Two-factor authentication is a means of access security, that requires two forms of identification to access the app, and your rewards. This will help us to safeguard your rewards. In summary, that means we will send a code to your email, or phone, that you will need to input back into the app, to enter.

  6. Where will the app be available?

The FreshStop Rewards App can be found on Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei App Gallery.

If your problem persists after applying the above, please email or call 0876552055.

We look forward to this new journey with you. May it be fruitful!

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