Have you been to FreshStop Nandi Drive?

On 24 March 2022, a brand new FreshStop store opened its doors at 1 Surprise Place, Newlands East in Durban, as part of a new Astron Energy fuel forecourt site.

In addition to the selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, a range of grocery items, and many Grab n Go refreshments, pies and snack options, FreshStop Nandi Drive features two popular in-house fast food outlets, Crispy Chicken and Grill to Go; and for coffee lovers, there’s a House of Coffees self-service station in-store.

FreshStop Nandi Drive, owned by Store Retailer, Mahomed Essa, who is also Managing Director of Alif Doors, says he is very excited about the opening of the store and the fact that they have been able to create employment for 35 people, most of whom are from the local community.

“FreshStop Nandi Drive is the first store of its kind in the area and we are proud to offer great products and services, at very competitive pricing, to surrounding residents and businesses,” concludes Mahomed.

We wish Mahomed and his team all the best for the launch of this 353rd FreshStop Nandi Drive store opening.

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