The FreshStop GRIT Conference was held at Sun City from 23-25 November 2022, and it was a resounding success. It brought together industry leaders and innovative thinkers to discuss the obstacles FreshStop faced and overcame, along with the latest trends and challenges facing the convenience retail industry. The conference opened on the afternoon of the 23rd of November with a bang!

The theme of the conference was GRIT, which represents FreshStop’s growth and ability to persevere through tough terrains, overcoming obstacles that were out of their control and turning setbacks into opportunities. The theme was brought to life through amazing visuals, lighting, and animations created by Hamiltons In Creative in collaboration with Kilowatt AV. Everyone was reminded of how much FreshStop has grown, leaving the audience feeling inspired, motivated, and excited about the brand’s future endeavours.

Our speakers

The conference MC, Motshidisi Mohono, welcomed all, and for the next two days, the attendees were provided with extensive information on the convenience, retail, fuel industry, entrepreneurship, GRIT, and business going forward by the likes of Brian Coppin (Group CEO of Food Lover’s Market), Thabiet Booley (CEO of Astron Energy), Motshidisi Mohono (Conference MC), Joe Boyle (MD of FreshStop), Chandini Chibba (Nielsen), Roche Engelbrecht (FreshStop), Waldo Spies (FreshStop), Trevor Visvanathan (Chairman FreshStop Franchise Forum), and Pete Howie (Owner Seattle Coffee Co.), Lisa Currey (MD of Hamiltons In Creative), Edwin Ukama and Alex Gordon (RCL Foods), Devi Sankaree Govender (Keynote speaker), and Terri Harris (Food Lover’s Market Sustainability).

Brian Coppin, Food Lover's Market Group CEO
Joe Boyle, FreshStop MD
Thabiet Booley, Astron Energy CEO
Motshidisi Mohono, MC
Devi Sankaree Govender, Keynote speaker

Awards ceremony

On the last leg of our conference, the awards ceremony was held. Joe Boyle awarded the FreshStop Franchise Forum Recognition awards to well-deserving members, and Roché Engelbrecht awarded the Retailer Awards for 2022, with:

  • FreshStop Stellendale won Crispy Chicken of the Year,
  • FreshStop Motorserve won Grill to Go of the Year,
  • FreshStop Caledon won Store of the Year

Congratulations to all the retailer winners and your teams for your hard work and dedication to the FreshStop brand.

FreshStop Franchise Forum awards
FreshStop Franchise Forum awards
Retailers of the year awards
Retailers of the year awards
Supplier Awards
Supplier Awards