FreshStop at Caltex, the largest and fastest growing convenience store retail brand in South Africa, opened its 279th store on 21 June 2018 at Kingsway Service Station in Durban.

Situated at 2 Gus Brown Road at Warner Beach, the recently opened store offers customers a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, a range of grocery items and a Grab n Go section for fresh sandwiches, freshly-baked pies, muffins and snacks. In addition to this the store also boasts a Seattle Coffee Bar and a Crispy Chicken.

When conceptualising the store, Store Retailer Mohammed Hassan worked hard to ensure that the new offering catered for the Kingsway market. “It is very important to us that our store provides customers with a convenient and worthwhile shopping experience,” says Hassan.

Congratulations to Mohammed and his team on the opening of the new store, we look forward to watching it grow from strength to strength.