A Culinary Journey with FreshStop: Our Top 5 SA Flavours


South Africa’s rich and diverse cultural heritage is reflected not only in its languages, music, and traditions but also in its vibrant culinary landscape. Our diverse history and various cultures have given rise to a unique tapestry of flavours, making South African cuisine a true reflection of its multicultural society.

Here’s a list of FreshStop’s top 5 South African flavours:

  1. A Braai

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Many compare a braai to a barbecue, but this is just wrong. Barbecue is a chip flavour. A braai is a feeling like your first love. Whether in the heart of a bustling city or deep within the wilderness, South Africans gather around open flames to braai and the smell of a lekker sizzling boerewors… ag, you know exactly what we mean.

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  1. Biltong and Droewors

    This beloved South African snack is akin to beef jerky but with its unique twist and probably a million times better. Biltong is cured, air-dried meat, typically made from beef or game like kudu and springbok, and flavoured with a blend of spices like coriander, salt, and pepper. Honestly, who doesn’t love biltong?

Droewors is the same, but it is a dried sausage made with minced meat, extra fat, usually in the form of lamb fat, species (especially coriander). You can find single droewors sticks at the till counter and South Africans buy it as a ready to eat snack.

Of course, we need to take this favourite flavour to other products. You can find biltong-flavoured Melrose cheese, chips, and dips.

  1. Fruit Chutney Simba Chips

Fruit chutney chips are an incredibly scrumptious delight, born from the ingenious fusion of chips and fruit chutney. Each chip is bathed in an irresistible concoction of spices, featuring a harmonious blend of sugar, salt, fiery chili powder, and an exotic medley of aromatic spices.  Each chip takes one on a gastronomic journey of epic proportions.

  1. Creme Soda

Famously a Sparletta Classic, Crème Soda is very popular in South Africa. Now available globally, this classic has been gracing kids’ birthdays and university parties since the dawn of time. A flavour like no other in a colour that makes no sense, creme soda is a nostalgic and cultural symbol to many South Africans. In other countries “Cream Soda” is white or a light shade of pink. In South Africa, Creme Soda is unapologetically GREEN, and we will never think of it any other way.

We love this indescribable flavour, so you can find Steri-Stumpies (another classic!), custard, marshmallows, and jelly all in the iconic green.

  1. Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea is a hug in a mug. This proudly South African flavour has become a global sensation due to its unique naturally sweet flavour profile, making it a beloved tea choice for many tea enthusiasts around the world. It extends to Ice Tea, the famous Red Streamer (A rooibos latte), kombucha, and actual Ciro Hug In a Mug.

South African heritage foods are like a tasty time machine, showing us the country’s journey from its native roots to the mix of Dutch, Indian, Malay, and other influences. These flavours aren’t just yummy; they’re a peek into South Africa’s diverse history. Trying these flavours isn’t just about food; it’s like taking a cultural trip through South African heritage, and it’s delicious!