Do-nut worry; be happy, it’s National Donut Day! FreshStop has recently teamed up with Krispy Kreme (available at selected stores*) and offers other delicious doughnut options, like Doughnut Delight! Be part of history and grab a donut from FreshStop to celebrate this special day.

The History of Doughnuts

Like all good things, doughnuts have a mixed history that is part fiction and part fact. The story goes a little bit like this… In the 1700s, Dutch settlers first introduced the olykoek (oilcake) to Manhattan, but it wasn’t until after World War I that donuts really took off.
In the trenches, young soldiers were given donuts to curb their homesickness. Back home, their donut cravings led to the start of the donut industry we know and love today.

Why the hole? Apparently, a clever ship captain got fed up with the centre of this deep-fried treat being stodgy; he came up with the idea to remove the middle to prevent this. Another rendition is a lad on his ship’s mother would send him to sea with deep-fried doughy treats with nuts in the middle to prevent scurvy. Hence the name doughnut, which is actually the correct spelling.

Doughnut Flavours

The donut had a humble beginning. Deep-fried dough with some basic spices, like cinnamon and a few nuts. While this classic is a classic, donuts have genuinely evolved into incredible mouthfuls of happiness. Trifle pudding, triple chocolate mousse, cookies and kreme, chocolate strawberry filled… And this is just the tip of the flavour iceberg. Is your mouth watering?

Donut Pairing

Have you heard of doughnut pairing? Yes, it is a thing. Grab a coffee from Seattle Coffee Company to go with your donut.
Helpful hint: sweeter donuts go well with bitter coffee, like Americanos. Chai lattes and hot choccies are better with your classic donuts, like the Original Glazed or Cinnamon Ring.

Maybe the cops we see in movies are on to something…
Follow their trend and try one of these utterly mouthwatering flavours today!

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