February already! 2018 is well on its way, and it’s that time to look at some of those chores we need to get to at least once a year. When last have you had your car insurance re-evaluated?

Regularly checking what you are paying for your vehicle’s car insurance is important if you don’t want to overpay for what you need. Not only is it good to look at how much you are paying, and what your car is valued at, but it is good to regularly shop around and do some comparisons. This is quick and easy and can be done from your desk at work, or on your phone while waiting for your tank to be filled at Caltex.

You can also be due a saving on your current premium, through changes you might have undergone such as; your ag or where you keep your car most of the time.

Something to considering before you take a look at your insurance is to note your driving habits and if and how much you have claimed in the last year. Are you driving fewer miles than previously?

It is definitely wise to check up on your car insurance policy, every year or even every 6 months.