Getting to work in the morning is often a rush, especially if you have to drop the kids off at school and do some chores in the morning…we all have those days. Make your mornings easier with a breakfast on-the-go or something you can enjoy as you get to work.

An apple a day:

They are extremely rich in anti oxidants and dietary fibre. Which is essential for a healthy diet.
Grab yourself a jar of peanut butter (sugar free/salt free jar for the health nuts) and some oats. If you don’t have time to cook your oats, then slice up the apple, put some peanut butter on the slices and then sprinkle some oats on top. It’s quick, healthy and easy to pack or buy before work in the morning.

Avo on Toast:

We also welcome the abundance of avo’s when they come into season. The health fats are an important part of a balanced diet. Grab some low GI bread and an avocado to slice and spread on some toast in the morning. If you don’t enjoy avo’s, then peanut butter is always a winner. It is a balanced meal, that will provide you with the right breakfast energy.


A smoothie is quick and easy on-the-go breakfast that contains and abundance of fruit and veg nutrients that our bodies need on a daily basis. You can either buy a freshly made or ready made smoothie on your way to work, or if you would like to make one yourself in the morning it is still a quick option. Prepare your seasonal fruit and veg the night before, and throw it in the blender in the morning with some yoghurt or milk and some seeds or nuts for extra nutrition. Check out some healthy smoothie recipes; banana berries and mint is always a winner.

A Sneaky Treat Day:

It’s hard to resist the smell of a freshly baked croissant or muffin. It is also quick and convenient to grab a delicious bran muffin, warm it a little and add some butter or jam. Likewise, fill the croissant with slices of cheese and even some fresh basil for a more balanced ‘cheat’ meal. These quick breakfast bites pair perfectly with an irresistible coffee from Freshstop.