Yasmin Dawood’s motto for her business to this day remains: “service with a smile”.

In April 2018 the opportunity became available to take on the challenge of becoming a Caltex retailer. Her dream was to develop the site into a destination of choice for her customers with friendly staff, quality fresh food, and neat safe space. The site prides itself in developing women of any age group to ensure that if they leave the site they go with added skill sets, equipping them for any future role. Shelley Ingham the current Store manager has already completed her Caltex RITC course and is a forecourt retailer in the making.

To date, the store remains the largest Seattle Coffee Co in the Freshstop stable in Cape town and is a top 3 store nationally. After the Crispy Chicken launched it has completely catapulted the store’s food offering participation from 11% to a massive 35% to date. The store is a home away from home and derives energy that prescribes a fun, loving, and ethical environment for workers.

Yasmin Dawood and her Freshstop Doncaster site have joined the ranks of the only 3 women lead sites in the Western Cape and have shown she is a force to be reckoned with.

The FreshStop Doncaster team

Yasmin Dawood(middle) and her fantastic FreshStop Doncaster team.


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