Oh December, we’ve missed you.

It’s the time for family, laughter, braais, and hours in the pool that leaves you happy but hungry! Luckily, we’ve got a list of the best poolside summer snacks that will give you the energy to go back for many more refreshing dips.

4 Poolside Snacks:

Poolside summer snack #1

It’s a board full of fresh goodies. Watermelon, lichees, grapes, cherries, you name it. Oh, and cheese. Definitely cheese.

We love this idea because it’s fresh, colourful and delicious. A charcuterie spread is so simple, add your favourite fruits, cheese (Gouda, cheddar, or white cheddar), and nuts and there you have it. A fresh poolside summer snack that everyone will enjoy.

Tip: If you don’t have a cutting board, serving plates work just fine for this poolside snack.


Poolside summer snack #2

Spoiler: This one is just full of chocolate.

The best way to get the pool ready is to eat whatever your heart desires. That means there is no need to shy away from the Ola Magnums and King Cones of the world. This perfect (chocolate-covered) on-the-go summer snack fits in your hand, cools you off, and is a serious treat.

*Look out for awesome FreshStop specials throughout summer.


Poolside summer snack #3

Trail mix and granola bars are packed with nuts, seeds, dried fruit, oats, and more to give you the nutrients to keep the summer fun going.

Try an awesome Food Lover’s Market Fruit & Nut Snack Mix or Nature Valley Crunchy bars. And don’t forget to add refreshing Lipton Iced Tea on the side. Make it your own and add some ice, and extra lemon or peach slices.


Poolside summer snack #4

What is a South African summer without our traditional biltong? That can be said for Tropica and Pringles too. It’s the perfect poolside trio. Throw FreshStop biltong slices in a bowl next to some Pringles (original, sour cream and onion, smokey bbq, and more flavors) and cool off with your favorite Tropica. This poolside snack is affordable, fast, and is guaranteed to satisfy.


Before your afternoon siesta, hop on over to FreshStop for some yummy, convenient snacks that fit any budget, and bring them along with you for the perfect pool day.