There is always a FreshStop store nearby. Pick up all your favourites, hot or cold, sweet or sour, and make your way to work (or home) with ease. See why FreshStop is your best before-work convenience store.

Finding your trusted local convenience store is not always easy. It has to be on your way, affordable, packed with essentials, fresh, and open when you need it. We’ve got great news; convenient shopping just got a whole lot easier.

Best of the best from your best before-work convenience store:

#1 Ready-to-go warm, fresh meals and snacks

Mostly, you aren’t going to be eating your lunch right away, that’s why it’s ready-to-warm. And that includes exciting takeaways options like Crispy Chicken, Grill to Go, Hooked on Fish & Chips Hotdog Bar, and Doughnut Delight. You might not have time to pack a lunch for the day, so grab something freshly prepared, or choose from our variety of snacks like biltong, yoghurt and muesli, smoothies, granola bars, nuts, and much more.

#2 Coffee, coffee, and more coffee

It’s what we all need before we step into the office. And FreshStop has the hottest: The Seattle Coffee Company, House of Coffees, and Manhattan Coffee Bar. Cappuccino, caffe latte, espresso, the list goes on. And you can grab a hot cup while you fill up on petrol.

Don’t forget your FreshStop Bamboo KeepCup for a discount on your coffees.

#3 Everyday essentials

Bread, milk, fruit, veggies, and more. Want to make a garden salad for lunch? Grab your ingredients on the go and you’re sorted for lunch at work. Or pick up a muffin, wrap, or sandwich (made fresh daily) on your way.

Planning an after-work pool session? Check out these poolside summer snacks available at a FreshStop near you.

#4 Cash rewards

Shopping at FreshStop is not only convenient, but you also get money back each time you shop! All you do is:

  • download the FreshStop Rewards app (available from Google Play or Apple Store)
  • open the app, search through the deals and reserve them on the app
  • head to your nearest FreshStop and buy the items
  • scan your till slip, and you will get cashback into your app wallet.

You can withdraw your money anytime to get your cash rewards. It’s that easy!

#5 Open 24/7

How convenient? Anytime before work, anytime after work, and anytime during! Just stop at a FreshStop store and pick up what you need. With over 300 stores across South Africa, your fresh favourites are closer than ever.

#6 Daily deals

Scrumptious Fresh Deals near you are calling. That means you save more on everyday items, including takeaways, pastries, snacks, chocolates, fruit, veggies, and much more of your on-the-go shopping.

Keep an eye on our social media for deals and fun competitions where you can win big. Simply follow @freshstopsa.

Now that you’re ready to start a new day, experience the FreshStop convenience for yourself and visit a store near you today!