These sparkling fruit pops with kiwi and strawberry are a glamorous summery addition to your garden party or braai table.


Here’s at FreshStop, we absolutely fell in love with these adorable Zoku Ice Pop Characters moulds. And we knew we had to have them to give away to our Goodness Gang fans! Zoku has a super range [...]

Breakfast On the GO:

Mornings are made easier when you don't have to stress about eating breakfast before you leave. Leave earlier, Beat the traffic and make a pit stop along the way for some scrumptious ingredients [...]

Pumi Pea the Green Machine

The coolest pea in the pod. Delicious and nutritious, this little powerhouse has been grown since ancient times. It is a staple food around the world that is good for you – and, because they need [...]

Bongi Blueberry and his super powers!

Dynamite comes in small packages. Bongi might be small, but don’t be fooled by his looks. Blueberries are a super food that fight diseases like you won’t believe – and they’re really tasty too.

Roadtrip Fun!

When you’re not admiring the beautiful scenery, or having a little recharge nap to pass some time, why not play some games? This is especially great for the kids, to keep them from asking the [...]

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