Summer is the perfect time to just get in your car and taking in the scenery, stopping in a small time to get a grilled cheese and a very large ice cream cone. Whether it is alone or with a group of friends. Getting far, far away from home this summer is something that everyone will be doing. But a road trip is nothing without music. There are a lot of questions when it comes to how you should approach the long road with the right music – do you rely on local radio stations? A highly curated Spotify playlist? The options are overwhelming when the road ahead is long!

Here are some tips to help you out:

1. Break out the rhythm:

Have a song that will bring you to dance and tears. It’s always the way to go when you are stuck in a car for a long time. Your emotions run high. So, why not sing them out!

2. Pick a theme:

Try and have music that will link up together. That will have a nice flow with one another.

3. Take everyone’s requests:

Remember there will be other people in the car that do not have the same taste in music as you. Ask them what they would like to hear on the long road ahead.

4. Give it a break:

Listing to music for long hours can be draining and could cause irritability with some people resting on a long trip. Turn it off or turn the volume down so that you can enjoy the silence or have a chat with the people in the car without the music interrupting you.

5. Mix it up:

Add some songs that will make people wish you did not. Those “earworms” – songs that everyone seems to dislike but love at the same time. Perhaps it’s nostalgic, or a childhood song.

6. Plan ahead:

Music is a NECESSITY on a road trip, so plan ahead! Choose all the songs that everyone in the car will be happy which adds variety.  Ask your fellow roadies to make a playlist each, or create a shared playlist.

7. Music Playlist Streams or Apps:

There are some handy apps/music platforms to create playlists or download songs. This is especially useful for those using an aux cable or blue tooth. Try these: