FreshStop spoke to one of its Top Spending FreshStop Rewards App Customers, Mohamed Mather, to find out why the App works for him. Mohamed is based in Durban and has been using the FreshStop Rewards APP to get the best value for money purchases around.

Which stores in your area do you support the most?

I’m lucky enough to have FreshStop Baywatch, just off Durban’s Golden Mile, located next door to where I live. I also pop in at other stores as I pass by to see what specials they have. I am a savvy shopper and you need to shop around to get the best deals. I have been very impressed with the specials that FreshStop has been offering through this APP, such as the sugar and juice offers.

When did you start using the APP and products appeal to you most?

In the beginning, I wasn’t too keen on using the APP but once I looked at the pricing offered, I realised it was a really good deal. I now buy my bread there too and it’s cheaper than buying from the bigger retailers. I am, however, open to buying any products. I’ve noticed that FreshStop has had some great specials on baked beans and tomato sauce among others. It’s just a question of know your prices, go through the APP and take advantage of the offers.

I know that FreshStop is a partner of Food Lover’s Market, so I also buy fruit and vegetables as they have a good quality product that is fresh; and it’s much cheaper than buying your grapes at Woolworths.

What are your overall thoughts about the FreshStop Rewards APP?

I find the APP quite easy to use and I try and accumulate a certain amount on there before I cash out. I am aiming for my next R1,000 at the moment. I think the stores carry a wide range of the basics that you would need to buy. Overall, I am happy with the APP and you do save a lot of money.

I always try and recommend FreshStop and the APP to my family and friends but store location and the fact that people think garage convenience stores are expensive does put some people off. I’ve also found some stores are cheaper than others in their pricing and depending on the store, the promotions and specials can vary.

Is there anything that you would like FreshStop to improve / offer on the App?

On the APP, you may at times put in the wrong products and need to delete the selection and reupload the slip. This can take a few days to correct itself. It would be nice if I could fix it myself immediately.

Also, when there are monthly promotions, you should still be able to get your promotion special and discount on the APP. The other major problem I’ve experienced is when there is a promotion, a lot of stores don’t have the stock. For example, when Butro was on special, I found that four out of five stores didn’t have the product at all, which is very frustrating.

Any other comments or suggestions?

I would suggest that the bulk deals (eg. six pack milk or coke, etc) be sold via closed packs. If the store doesn’t have a closed bulk pack, then you have to buy six individual items, which works out to be more expensive. The teller should advise clients about this.