Roadtrips can be tense, so FreshStop has some tips to make sure that no one is getting hangry or messy in this enclosed shared environment.

Knowing how to pack your snacks so that they don’t get soggy or snacks that get spoiled, is what could make you the best co-pilot, mom or at least ensure that you get invited a long next year again. It’s simple Survivor Strategy, he (or she) who brings in the food, doesn’t get voted out.

Outwit, Outlast, Outpack, Outsnack.

Here are your tips to a happy, never hungry road trip this summer!

  1. Look out for snacks that come in individual (one -serving) size packets. Easy to share around the car, everyone gets the same portion, and it someone wants to eat their snack now, they can go ahead.
  2. Pack 2 bags: One for dry goods and the another to items that need to be kept cool. This will stop dry snack from getting soggy from spills or condensation.
  3. Focus on self-contained foods like apples, bananas and oranges. They are already quite wrapped in their peals and are much less messy than melons, berries, mangoes etc.
  4. Pack little snacks into mason jars. These are sealable and fit snugly into most cupholders, so it can stay upright and the driver can snack along too. The FreshStop snack mixes also fit well into cupholders.
  5. Leave out food that will need utensils. Not only will it save space, but even the best, trusty co-pilot has been known to forget the utensils. Think edible by hand and bite-sized.
  6. Avoid messy foods. Think about foods that you need to brush off your lap after eating– not good. If you want to enjoy a fresh, flaky croissant, maybe pull over at FreshStop to enjoy it and stretch your legs.
  7. Have some tissues in the car just in case.
  8. Forget food that will spoil or melt. Chocolate is a favourite but will be avoided completely if it’s melted. A cured meat like biltong will be safer in the hot car temperatures than a chicken or ham roll.