Avocado & Bacon Bagel

Whether you grab a bagel or bun, top it off with some cream cheese, crispy bacon and Avo slices. Your weekend brunch is sorted!

*Vegetarian: Replace the bacon with fried or scrambled egg

*Vegan: Caramelised onions, mushrooms & tomato

Crackers with Avo & toppings

Grab your fresh Avos and pop some other ingredients in your basket to enjoy on crackers as a lunch or as a snack:

*Crackers of course (Provitas, Ryevitas, banting Seed Crackers, Cream Crackers)

  • Hummus & Avocado with fresh herbs/greens
  • Cream/Cottage Cheese with Avo & Tomato slices
  • Biltong (Yes, Biltong) with cream cheese & Avo
  • Cucumber & Plain Yoghurt (for a Tzatziki or already made Tzatziki) & Avo
  • Beetroot (blending into the hummus to make a beetroot hummus)
  • Cheddar or Feta Cheese with Avo, Tomato & Cucumber Slices
  • Cranberries, hummus & Avocado
  • Cold Meat (Ham, Salami, polony etc) with Avo

Fresh Avo Buddha Bowl

A little pitstop and you have a wholesome dinner…plus it’s super trendy!

Buy the season fresh vegetables to roast in the oven, some lentils/chickpeas (depending what your store has), spinach, couscous, cucumber and cabbage when in-season. Plus some seeds, nuts, and a dressing if you like to top it off.

Don’t forget the Avos!

Design your fresh ingredients into a beautiful bowl, et voila…you have a magical Buddha Bowl to impress your family, partner (or just yourself) at home with no-fuss.

Fresh Avo Salad

Half or quarter cut Avocados on a bed of fresh greens and herbs, drizzled with Olive Oil or Basil Pesto, topped with a sprinkle of wholesome seeds, and there you have it…your fresh Avo salad is simple for lunch, dinner or your weekend side dish. All you need is a simple FreshStop pitstop.

Eggs baked in Avocado

Another one for that weekend brunch at home, later morning or even dinner? Perfect for a high protein & fat, low carb lifestyle. Get some eggs and Avocados on your way home or to work. Crack an egg into your avocado, season and bake it in a preheated oven (about 200 degrees Celsius) for about 15 minutes (until the egg is cooked) and serve.

*Serve with toast fingers for the kids