Picture this; you are stranded on a desert island with only 3 snacks. Which 3 snacks would you take with you? Remember, you need to survive and have your wits about you to last in the wild.

After careful consideration, these 3 snacks were chosen, as I need to outsmart the island; the island cannot win!

  1. Pringles

Pringles are tasty, and potatoes provide a good source of energy which is good, but what I am really after is the tube that it comes in.
The tube is so multi-functional! I can use it for:
1. tinder to start a fire,
2. a telescope,
3. collecting water… once,
4. a bug trap. I can use the bugs for food or fishing. Depends on my mood.
5. It can be used to dig holes and,
6. It can be used to store my treasures.

  1. A Glass Bottle of Coke

Apart from Coke being incredibly delicious on a hot day, it would provide me with a spurt of energy that I need for my island ongoings like digging holes and ship-spotting using my Pringles-Tubescope. Coke drank, I am left with the bottle.
The bottle can be used to start a fire.
I can cleverly angle my bottle to catch the sun’s rays and start a fire as we did with magnifying glasses as children. I can honestly say I have tried using a bottle to do this, but I am 92% confident it could work on a scorching day.
I can also use it to collect water and to delicately squash spiders when they enter my campsite.

  1. Nik Naks 

Tasty, cheesy, and healthy! My logic is that cheese provides calcium, so Niknaks must be healthy, thus aiding me in my survival. Also, the packet can be used as a glove to pick up gross bugs which weren’t trapped in my Pringles trap or that I didn’t get round to delicately squashing with my Coke bottle.
Alternatively, the packet can be used as a hat for bald men.

I also chose these 3 snacks as I can pick them all up at a FreshStop. I imagine I won’t have much time to drive around shopping before I am shipped off to the island to survive.


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