[Competition closed. Look out for more competitions coming soon.]

12 days of summer road trip Competition

STAND A CHANCE TO WIN with FreshStop and Steri Stumpie 


  1. Like and follow us on our social media platforms.
  2. Guess the location of the store on the picture posted.
  3. Enter as many times as you want

School holidays and the festive holidays have begun and Guess where we are filling up? #FillUpFreshUp

We’re going on a road trip across South Africa & you can win! Over the next two weeks, we’ll post a photo of one of our pitstop locations with our favourite fill up a treat on Instagram. Each Post will have a copy with a clue to where about are we are. In between each, we will post Instagram stories of the road trip/things to do along the way to give clues.

Prizes include:

  1. Stumpie hampers (four prizes)
  2. Mini round kettle braai
  3. Watermelon Inflatable Pool
  4. BackPack Anti-theft
  5. Green Cast Iron Potjie Pot
  6. Volleyball Pool Game
  7. Floating Coolerbox Pool
  8. Picnic Mat
  9. Seattle Keep Cups

Terms and Conditions Apply. Competition ends 23 December 2019.

*Your comments to be kept as proof of entry